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Up-cycle your dining table for less than £30!

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

The lovely couple we bought our house off left us their dining table a chairs - It was a good quality table however not to our taste, so I up-cycled it and I'm so please with the result! You may have table to work with already but if not a great place to find bargains is Facebook market place or second hand furniture / charity shops. Don't worry if it's not in perfect condition - dents, marks and chips won't be noticed once you've finished!

You can find the tutorial on how to up-cycle & upholster the dining chairs here.

What you will need:

1. An electric hand sander, you can use sanding blocks but an electric one will be a bit quicker!

2. White primer paint - I used a wall primer paint from B&Q.

2. Your choice of furniture paint - I used Rust Oleum furniture paint in Ink Blue.

3. A clear satin wood varnish - I used a small pot of Wilko's quick dry satin varnish.

How to up-cycle your dining table:

1. Sand the top of your table to get rid of all the existing colour and smooth out dents. You don't have to sand the table legs however if they're chipped I would recommend just smoothing them out a bit.

2. Flip your table over and apply one coat of the white primer to you table legs.

3. Once the primer has dried apply one coat of your furniture paint. You should only need one coat because of the primer and also furniture paint is really thick. I just did one coat and then touched up areas I missed after.

4. Apply a layer of your clear satin wood varnish. This will stop your paint from chipping and also make it easier to clean.

5. Flip your table back over and apply a layer of your clear satin wood varnish again to the top of the table and Voi-lah! You have a fabulous new table!

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