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How to revamp your dining chairs

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

The lovely couple we bought our house off left us their dining table a chairs - They were in good condition however not to our taste, so I up-cycled them and I'm so please with the result! You may have chairs to work with already but if not a great place to find bargains is Facebook market place or second hand furniture / charity shops. Don't worry if it's not in perfect condition - dents, marks and chips won't be noticed once you've finished! Apologies in advance for the lack of pics on this tutorial, I'd just had a baby so wanted to get the chairs done ASAP so I had somewhere to sit down ha!

You can find the tutorial on how to up-cycle your dining table here.

What you will need:

1. Sanding Blocks.

2. White primer paint - I used a wall primer paint from B&Q.

3. Your choice of furniture paint.

4. A clear satin wood varnish - I used a small pot of Wilko's quick dry satin varnish.

5. A staple gun - I got one from Hobby Craft for £7 including the staples.

6. Your choice of fabric, preferably waterproof & sponge clean. I'd recommend about 1/2 a metre for every 2 cushion seats depending on the size.

7. A screwdriver.

How to up-cycle your dining chairs:

1. Flip your chairs upside down. The seat cushions are usually screwed to the base, just unscrew these with your screwdriver.

2. Place the seat cushion on top your fabric. Mark around the chair seat and add about 20cm then cut the fabric out. Cut diagonal lines where there are corners in your chair seat.

3. Put your cut out fabric face down and place the chair cushion on top with the underside facing you. Start pulling the fabric over the cushion and stapling on the underside. Do this all the way around leaving about 5cm (or less) between each staple. Make sure you are pulling the fabric tightly enough so there are no creases. Repeat this for all of your seat cushions.

4. Sand down any marks or dents on your chair frames.

5. Paint a layer of the primer on each chair.

6. Once dry, paint a layer of the furniture paint on each chair and then touch up any bits that did not cover. Follow this with the clear varnish if you want to ensure your chairs won't chip.

7. After the paint is all dry you are ready to re-attach your seat cushions! Simply screw them back in and voi-lah - You have brand new chairs to go with your table!

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