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Up-cycle an old cupboard!

This sideboard was my late Grandma's - We decided to keep it & use it as our alcohol cupboard in her honour (she would have been proud haha). However, it completely clashed with our kitchen and looked pretty dated so I decided to up-cycle! It was really simple and didn't take long at all - Have a nosey on Facebook market place or your local charity shop for an old cupboard if you don't have one.

What you'll need:

  1. White wood primer - I used a small pot of Colours by B&Q wood primer.

  2. The paint colour you want your cupboard to be - It doesn't have to be furniture paint, I used a wall paint!

  3. A clear seal - I used the Rust Oleum sealer in clear / satin.

  4. An electric hand sander (sanding blocks will do if you fancy an arm workout!)

  5. New handles - I bought silver cup handles and matching door knobs to go with the rest of my kitchen from Ebay, they were an absolute bargain!

How to up-cycle your cupboard:

  1. Firstly, clean the cupboard and remove drawers and handles where possible. Don't worry if they don't come off, it just makes painting a little neater and easier.

  2. I then used the electric sander to get rid of the paint / wood coating on the top of the cupboard.

  3. Paint your cupboard with primer wherever you're wanting to add the coloured paint. I left the top as I wanted to keep it a nice light wood colour.

4. Once dry (usually around 3 hours) paint the cupboard in your coloured paint. As mine was quite a light colour I needed about 2 coats and then a few touch ups.

5. Leave your cupboard to dry overnight and then paint all over with the clear sealer, even the bare wood top. This will stop your cupboard from chipping!

6.Last but not least, add your new door handles! This will finish your cupboard off and give it a brand new look.

Thank you for reading and please follow my Instagram or Facebook page for more DIY & art tutorials!

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