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Up-cycle your Fireplace for less than £20!

I absolutely LOVE fireplaces, I think they add so much character to a room! This is one of two fireplaces in our house and I've up-cycled them both in different ways (I'll post another tutorial on the second fireplace next week).

What you'll need:

1. Wood Paint - I used One Coat Wood & Metal paint by Dulux in Pure Brilliant White.

2. Self Adhesive Vinyl - I used a marble effect one from Wilko (£4!!!) & used x2 2M rolls. If you google "self adhesive vinyl" you'll find loads of gorgeous patterns.

3. Scissors or a pen knife.

4. A ruler.

5. A paintbrush.

1. Firstly, clean everything. Remove any dust & dirt and sand down any lumps & bumps on surfaces. Make sure everything is dry again before you start.

2. The surround on this fireplace was quite easy to remove, if yours isn't don't worry just masking tape around to protect your walls / floors, then get painting! I used x2 coats of the wood & metal paint. It takes about 48 hours to dry but whilst you're waiting for that you can get started on your vinyl!

3. So I didn't fancy risking it and applying the whole sheet of vinyl at once, so I cut them into squares of 45x45cm. I then placed the square of vinyl where I wanted to apply it and cut out any areas that I didn't need, for example where the actual fireplace was.

4. Peel back about 5cm of your vinyl and apply to the surface you're wanting to cover. Pull the vinyl so it's tight with one hand, and with the other hand use the ruler to smooth it down and get rid of any air bubbles.

TIP - If you're left with air bubbles that just don't want to go anywhere then use a very small sharp pin to burst them and smooth out with your ruler.

5. Line up the next vinyl square right to the edge of the one you've applied and repeat as before. Do this until the whole surface is covered. If there are any tricky bits I would recommend applying the vinyl and then using a pen knife to cut around and smooth out.

6. Pop your fireplace surround back on once dry and hellooooo beautiful, fresh, new, fabulous fireplace!

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