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DIY designer tiles for £7psm!

Moroccan inspired tiles are everywhere at the moment and I wanted to recreate this look in my kitchen and double it up as a splash back. However with a baby on the way and a house to renovate a £300+ price tag was out of the question!

So I started looking into how I could create my own tiles that would work out much cheaper, match the colour of my kitchen and also be waterproof. I'm SO happy with the end result but I will say it did take me a while to paint them, definitely worth it though and adds that wow-factor to your room!

What you will need:

1. Plain white ceramic tiles - I used B&Q 15x15cm tiles.

2. White primer paint - I used a wall primer from B&Q - Any kind of primer will work!

3. Your choice of coloured furniture paint - I used Rust-Oleum furniture paint.

4. A clear sealer spray - I used Rust-Oleum crystal clear lacquer spray in satin. It MUST be a spray, a paint on one will smudge your pattern.

5. A small roller or a flat tipped paint brush - I used a small roller for the dark blue section and a paint brush to dab on the light blue smaller sections.

6. A stencil - I got mine from they have loads of gorgeous patterns, make sure you get a size that will fit your tile!

7. Masking tape.

How to create your own fabulous tiles:

1. First of all lay out all of your tiles. Use the small roller to run a layer of the white primer over all of your tiles.

2. Once dry you're ready to paint! Place your stencil over the first tile and tape down in the corners as shown in the picture. Either roller your colour on or dab the colour on with a flat tipped paint brush. You do not need a lot of paint at all! Too much paint on your roller / brush will cause the paint to leak out of the stencil pattern - Less is more :)

3. Repeat this on all of your tiles. I washed the stencil through after every 15 tiles just because the paint can get clogged in the pattern and you don't get a really clean finish. This is the longest part of the process but remember how amazing your tiles will look! Put some music on, have a wine and relax with it!

4. Once all of your patterned tiles are dry you're ready to spray them with the clear sealer spray, this will stop them smudging and make them waterproof. I laid all my tiles down and sprayed each of them twice. Leave to dry for 24 hours and Voi-laaa! Your fabulous new tiles are ready to go up. This can be done really easily yourself if you don't want to pay a handyman - Just YouTube it :).

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