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Baby Sensory Heart Painting - No Mess!

Your baby's first painting! Created with no mess & perfect for a gift or to add a pop of colour to your walls. I'd recommend this for babies aged 6+ months.

What you'll need:

1. Paper - 2 sheets for every 1 piece of art you want to create. Preferably thick mixed media or acrylic paper (220gsm)

2. A paper knife

3. Acrylic paint

4. Cling film

5. Masking tape

How to create your masterpiece:

1. Tape down a sheet of paper to something flat and secure, preferably the floor or a table.

2. Squirt your choice of coloured acrylic paints over the paper.

3. Tape down the clingfilm as per the image below. I would put about 3 sheets of clingfilm over it just to make sure baby doesn't pop it! Make sure there are no gaps between the tape, you don't want any paint escaping!

4. Sit baby up or pop them on their tummy and let them play!

5. Peel back the clingfilm and whilst you're waiting for the paint to dry, draw a heart in pencil on your blank piece of paper. Cut this out using a paper knife and write message on if you wish!

6. Pop your heart cut out over your baby's painting and place into a frame. If you'd like my heart template please get in touch and I'll email it over!

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